Social Security Cards: Do They Ever Expire?

If you live in the United States, chances are you were awarded a social security number when your parents sent your birth certificate to your state’s office of vital statistics. Your social security number is personal and unique to you. Your SSN is located on your social security card and will continue to be used as an identification for the remainder of your life.

What Purposes Do Social Security Numbers Serve?

These numbers are used for a variety of purposes, including filing taxes, applying for credit cards and loans, and applying for other critical services that require solid verification of your identity. You also have a social security card if you have a social security number. This card will have your phone number, as well as your full name, first, middle, and last names. These cards are non-transferable and never expire.


What are the Reasons for a New Social Security Card?

Because these cards never expire, it’s worth noting that there are some instances where you may require a replacement social security card. The first and most obvious reason is if your card is lost or stolen. You will need to bring identification with you, such as your driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport, in order to apply for a new card.

Another reason you could get a new card is if you need to update your social security card’s name. The name on your social security card must correspond to the name on your driver’s license and any other essential identification documents. This is not to say that the name on your card must match the name on your birth certificate. If you marry, this is an excellent example of a situation in which you may require another card. The name change that occurs as a result of marriage eliminates the requirement for a new card. In this situation, you would present your marriage license to the social security office and request a new card.

You are not needed to obtain a new social security card if you change your address, relocate to another state, or make any other superficial changes that may affect things like your driver’s license. Your social security card contains only your name and social security number.

Security of Social Security Cards

It is recommended that you never carry your social security card with you. If you lose your wallet and it contains your social security card, anyone can obtain your number and apply for items such as credit cards online or for other items that could damage your credit. It is recommended that you keep your social security card in a secure location, preferably in a fireproof box if you have one, and away from areas where it can be seen or easily lost or stolen. Your social security number is personal to you and should be safeguarded. And there is much more to consider when it comes to social security security.