Social Security Disability Benefits

If you’ve recently been forced to quit your job as a result of an illness or injury which prevents you from completing your occupation, then you may qualify to earn benefits from the Social Security disability program. If your application was denied, which is very common, you need to file an appeal either with the help of a lawyer or by yourself. This process may take months or even years. That’s why it’s important you learn about Social Security disability programs and its qualification process.

To qualify for Social Security benefits, you are required to have worked in occupations that Social Security covers. Next, you need to have a medical condition that fulfills the Social Security’s definition of disability. Typically, the Social Security Administration pays benefits monthly to people who cannot work for a year or more because of their disability.

You generally receive benefits monthly until you can work again consistently. There are also several certain guidelines known as “work incentives,” that allow continued benefits and health care coverage to assist your transition back into the workforce.

If you are receiving Social Security disability benefits when you reach full retirement age, your disability benefits automatically convert to retirement benefits, but the amount stays the same.